Meet The Janoskians

Ugh what I would do to meet these amazing aussie boys!!!


Lose My Rocky Virginity!

I NEED to go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Because I’m a Rocky virgin. That has to be taken care of.

Visit Buckingham Palace!

Otherwise known as HOGWARTS.

Traumatize a taxi driver.

I wanna jump…not get into but jump into a taxi..and scream…follow that car!!

Epic Couch Camping!!

If you haven’t made a fort, you have not lived. Therefore, epic forts mean epic lives.

Water Hammock?

I don’t even know what to say about this, but I want it?


I want to ride a train all the way from…some place to…some place far away from the first place…I like trains.

I want to go skinny dipping someday!