Have a keep calm poster..

I want one sooo bad!:)


I want to cliff jump.

I couldn’t pick which picture i liked best….so I put both!!:) don’t you love my logic??

anyway…I want to cliff jump!! sooo bad…I’ve wanted to since ive seen the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants!!..you know the movie with those bestfriends that are obviously different shapes and sizes all fit these old vintage looking pants…and they help their dreams come true…and they ship them to each other…yeah that!! well there was a scene where they’re in Greece and go cliff jumping!! ImageImage

oh and I’ve gained four followers…and I’ve had this blog for like an hour..so thanks!!

Skip school and go on a road trip.

I wanna skip school one day and go on a road trip with my friends!!:) How fun does that sound!!

I want to go to london.

I want to go here soooo bad! not just because of One Direction..but for me!! It’s so pretty!:)

I wanna see the northern lights.

I dream of seeing the northern lights like you wouldn’t believe.